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“She Slaps My Face Until My Lips Bleed”


This note was thrown from a window by a Filipino. “She kicks me. She slaps my face. She pulls my hair. She kicks me in the back for small things. She throws her shoes at me. She’s very strict. If she asks for something and I don’t answer quickly enough, she slaps my face until my lips bleed. I’m begging you to give my address to my mother.” She’s been rescued now. Her madam’s name is Zeina Samia, Tallet Al Rayiss, Baini Building, 3rd Floor, Yarze, Baabda. Ph 03 311 678. And she’s a friend of Joseph Saliba (Saliba Agency) who we’ve posted about previously – no surprises there.

ጲልጲንዬ በምሰራበት ቤት በኩል በመስኩት፡ወረቀት ጣለች ፡ኢሄም ወረቀት የሚለው፡ሰሪዋ ትመታታለች ፣በጥፊ ፀጉጉራንም ትነጫታለች ወገባንም በርግጫ ትመታታለች በጫማዋም ወርውራ፡ትመታኛለች በጣም ሀይለኛ ናት ጥያቄ ስጠይቀኝ፡ቶሎ ካልመለስኩ፡ትመታኛለች ደም እስኪ ያስተፋኝ እባካችሁ ሰወች ተባበሩኝ፡ኢሄንን ደብዳቤ ለእናቴ ላኩልኝ

:هذه رسالة رمتها خادمة فلبينية من النافذة

ان المدام تركلني وتصفعني على وجهي. انها تشدني بشعري و تركلني على موخرتي و تضربني بالحذاء . حتى من اجل الامور الصغيرة. هي صارمة جداً فاذا لم البي طالباتها بالسرعة المطلوبة صفعتني على فمي لان تنزف شفاهي

لرجاء ان تعطي امي عنواني! لقد انقذت الان. وهي تعمل لدى زينة سامية. في   تلة الريس. بناية بيانيالطابق الثالثاليرزة بعبدا.  تليفون 03311678. و هي على علاقة جيدة بوكالة جوزيف صليبا للخادمات




About Dipendra Uprety

Dipendra Uprety was born in Nepal in 1980. In 1998, aged 18, he moved to Lebanon where he was employed in the hospitality industry. While in Lebanon he met and married Priya, a domestic worker, also from Nepal. Together, they were involved in voluntarily assisting the Nepalese community by visiting ill-treated and battered domestic workers in the hospitals and prisons.Because of Dipendra’s work, he was made a representative of the Nepali Consulate. His wife continued activism and volunteered with the consulate. In 2012, they emigrated to Canada where they have continued to be active in fighting for human rights and justice for migrant domestic workers.

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