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Free Halima, the AlKhatib’s Slave

Update 4/10/17 Halima is Free!!! Update 29/8/17  Petition “Free Halima, Slave in Lebanon” A petition to the Minister of Labour, Mr Mohammad Kabbara, has been launched. Please sign and share widely. https://www.change.org/p/free-halima-slave-in-lebanon Update 14/7/17 Halima’s Sister Confronts Slaveholder Ibtissam Saade Halima has been held as a slave by a family …

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Joe Semaan Taken Into Custody

“We have heard, with a great deal of relief, that Joe Semaan has been taken into custody for investigation. Thank you to the brave women who came forward to report the abuse. It’s unlikely, given the infinite constraints of the sponsorship system on domestic workers and the treatment they usually …

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Joe Semaan, Fake Policeman

I would like to share about a Lebanese man that is pretending to be a policeman and catching foreigners like Filipinos, Ethiopians, Sri Lankans and Bangladeshi, especially those who don’t have documents. He has a white colored jeep but I don’t have the plate number. His name is Joe Semaan …

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